Unity Business Network (UBN)

Start Building Your Network And Growing Your Business

What am I paying for?

1. Speaker
2. 1 Main Course
3. 1 Beverage (Beer or Wine selection included)
4. Build your network and grow your business
5. Uplift or reignite the entrepreneurial spirit in you
6. Happy Hour Pricing for alcohol ($6~7/glass) ALL NIGHT

And... learn from other people's experience


We have met too many people who allow success to go to their head. UBN is honoured to have Judy Koh, one of Singapore's most high-profile women in Singapore’s Culinary scene to share with us her journey. She is humble although successful. Judy started her business when she was at rock bottom in year 1999, and today her businesses thrive internationally.

There was a time she experienced exhaustion, both mentally and physically. Hear how did she keep going?

What is the structure of your event?

1. Get welcome by beautiful faces.
2. Eat, introduce yourself & be eager to find out what biz people are in.
3. 10 seconds introduction of yourself (YES! Only 10secs!)
4. 30min sharing by guest speaker. (Bring your notebook)
5. 10~15min Q&A session
6. Move around networking (NO net-sitting)
7. Vacate the place at 930pm.

For those who love networking, there is a coffeeshop where you can hang out AFTER we vacate the event space.

Why are there 2 ticket prices?

To clarify, we do not profit from your ticket purchase. Even if we do, it is not to buy a lambhorghini for ourselves, not even a beer!

Re-visitor : Please get a promo code from us! We have your record.

We give concession for re-visitors because we really want to see familiar faces again. As said, it is a platform for you to start building your network & your confidence and it makes our heart glad when we see your business grow. It gives us MORE reason & great encouragement to continue UBN. It is a platform not for you to give out your name cards like a flyer (OOPS!).


Is this a BNI?

Is this a membership group?

Is this a MLM?

Is this an investment scheme event?

Is this an online / e-commerce event?
Errr... NO!

Then what is it?

You got it now? We are Unity Business Network, a place where you can start learning how to build your network, business relationships with people, as you will be meeting many other seasoned business networkers too! We are all in this to sharpen each other. You can be shy, you can feel no one would listen to what you do, you gotta start somewhere my friend! SEE YA!

Fri Sep 4, 2015
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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Level 2 at Killiney
I am interested! SOLD OUT $18.90
TBC (Walk in - $20.00) FULL
Venue Address
117A KILLINEY ROAD Singapore
15 minutes walk from Somerset MRT Station
Unity Business Network